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Tym, Inc. 


Charlotte Mecklenburg Juvenile Detention Teens participate in art workshops that are based in personal development / leadership sills. Some classes include topics like anger management, how to re-write your narrative and alter your perspective through language, empowerment and other aspects for healing growth. 

These classes also go towards their community service hours through our partnership with Tym, Inc. ​

The artwork they create also goes into our student art program where their work is offered for sale, all sales go directly to the teen artist as a means to further support them. 

Shout out to Charlotte Art League - our partner in providing safe spaces to hold these transformative workshops! 



We are so grateful for all The Relatives do in Charlotte! We provide art workshops for the youth + teens at their crisis center. These workshops are based in joy, hope, renewal and goal setting. 



Monthly poetry workshops and safe spaces open mics for the teens in Time Out Youth at their center. These workshops and open mics are based in healing narratives, processing emotions, confidence and self love. Teen's poems are published through an annual anthology. Proceeds from the book sales are donated to the Time Out Youth organization. 



Guerilla Poets membes Riot + Cahuita run the Class Act Program at Henderson Independent High School for teens and youth with severe behavioral challenges. Riot leads art and poetry workshops at the school weekly that are tailored to the needs of the students. This powerful program is made possible through our partnership with Center for Faith and the Arts in Salisbury NC. 

Students poetry is published through an annual anthology and artworks (sometime's even plays!) are held as a showcase at the end of the school year.  

The students art also goes into our student art program where the art is offered for sale and all sales go directly to the teen artist. 

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Guerilla Poets have a poetry program that includes workshops, slams and opportunities for poetry publication + showcases + recordings for the students at Commonwealth Alternative High School in Charlotte NC. 




We have several programs offered through our partnership with Promise Resource Network for 18+ adults. 

WRITING FOR WELLNESS: Poetry workshops dedicated to mental/emotional wellness in a loving and supportive environment held every 1st + 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm. 

(Currently online - see our events page to sign up) 

END THE STIGMA: Poetry workshops specifically designed to end the stigma of mental health. Some workshops concentrate on certain mental illnesses such as OCD, PTSD and other challenges. Held every 2nd Friday of the month at 6pm. 

(Currently online - see our events page to sign up) 

COME TOGETHER OPEN MIC: A safe space to share your heart through poems, story telling, music + more. Held every 4th Friday of the month at 6pm. (Currently online - see our events page to sign up) 



We are so grateful for our programs sponsored by Culture Blocks - a community partnership funded by Mecklenburg County.  Our next season starts July 2021 and runs to December 2021. Sign up via our events link as they come! 

FREE ART + MUSIC WORKSHOPS: Every 1st Saturday of the month. Art workshops 11:30am-12:30pm and Music/Poetry workshops 12:45pm-1:45pm. (Currently online - see our events page to sign up) 

Art bundles available at Derita Dairy Bar & Grill in Charlotte NC. 

INSPIRED SESSIONS: Partnership with West Blvd. Library, experience spoken word and live art based on the book club's book of the month. Come share or just enjoy the showcase. Every 1st Tuesday of the month at 2pm.  (Currently online - see our events page to sign up) 


contact us for programing or performances

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