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When you think of clean water, you more than likely think of bottled water instead of tap.

The sad fact is, these water bottle companies are doing devistating things over seas and

truth - be - told, bottled water actually isn't that good for you.

Here is an example of what bottled water companies are doing, causing thousands of water borne illnesses resorting in death in other countries.


"In Latin America, an additional problem has been bottled water companies, of which Nestle and Danone are the most prominent, who buy rights to city water, bottle it, and proceed to export it. When Costa Rica attempted in 2007-8 to impose a tax on exports of bottled water in order to keep its water resources for its own people, it learned that the terms of CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement with the United States) not only required Costa Rica to give U.S. companies equal access to water with its own citizens but also prohibited the taxing of water exports. As a result, Costa Rica is unable to extend its water services to local communities and small businesses and sees its municipal water instead exported to other nations. What is even more perverse is that the same law bases water costs on level of consumption: The more you use, the less you pay per liter, so that bottlers export and tourism companies water golf courses and fill pools with water costing US$.01 per cubic meter, while a Costa Rican rual house-holder pays US$.19 per cubic meter to the same system. "

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