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as he stands there,

still trembling,

awash in his own anger, unable to comprehend why--

My stubborn heart continues

to beat

SOA - Andria Cantrell.jpg

I was born in North Carolina. I have two great daughters, Shanna and Alaina. Lived in Costa Rica in 2013 and that is the reason for the stage name of "Cahuita". It is a great small beach town, with dirt roads and lots of good ocean energy and solitude. It is a great place to write. I am married to the love of my life. I am a college professor and teach philosophy. I am also the executive director of Center for Faith & the Arts in Salisbury, North Carolina. I fight for social justice and have done human rights accompaniment in Honduras. I was a Sacred Stone Camp to stand against the oil industry in 2016. I frequently demonstrate against human rights offenses in this country and abroad.

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