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Depression came by today

With my bridle

To remind me to put it on

And to let me know

How disappointed

She is in me

For not wearing it.


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Spoken Word Artist


Author, Into the Exclusion Zone

Heroic Healing Workshop Creator/Leader

Mental Health Advocate/Storyteller

Member of Guerilla Poets and Respect da Mic Slam Team

Parkbench Philosopher

I started writing poetry to get release from spending much of my time fighting chronic mental illness. I now share and perform poetry to offer catharsis to my audience. Together, we acknowledge the mental and emotional trauma in our lives, while pushing back against the darkness and isolation that's inherent with trauma. "I am the Paper Warrior. I fight the wind." Before I changed careers, I was a Technologist and developed patented software. In this aspect I learned to write tight, efficient code. This translated to my ability today to write concise and impactful poetry. I am also tremendously honored to be the father of two children. I have lived in Charlotte, NC for the last 20 years.

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