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From SBM: Road Warrior

I am the one to be counted on

the road warrior of thousands of miles

if you need me

and I love you

I’m there

if you say it once

come here

I need the help

grief strapped to my back

back grief, a kind of heaviness

in your lower back cramping

of its processing

through your intestines

trying to crawl out your mouth

as acid re-flux.

I ate you, but you didn’t go away,

and still, I live with it

occupying my dinner table

and asking for a meal.

I have been strong so many times

I’m sick of it

sick of posturing

that I don’t feel anything.


Sarah Bellum Mental is a Write About Now virtual poet and originally from Chicago, Illinois. Now living in Houston she continues being a part of spoken word poetry. They performs poetry live to try to give a home for those who don't have a voice.  They look to amplify her voice for those too scared to speak of what they've been through. To provide light in the darkness of living life at times.  They focus her poetry on blended families and what the word family means. They also covers topics of mental health, self-harm, molestation, rape, and consent. Their first and second books can be bought on her website:

They are a 2021 WOWPS and Southern Fried Poetry Indie slam contender. SBM will be competing in WOWPS 2022 in Baltimore and in Slam Mania III with Write About Now Poetry, January 2022.

IG: SarahMentalPoet


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