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Poems by Elito Haylett

Learnt Virtue

Patience is forced, once all avenues are used, virtues will be learnt

4th of July

Hamburgers and hot dogs are on the grill, juice, water, and beer on the chill, water fights to cool down the July sweat, fire works to recreate the days of the British threat, 240 score years ago, the colonial masters of industry, had enough of King George and his misery, so they gathered weapons, and soldiers for the infantry, attempt get rid of the governors and the main land's tyranny. But these so-called fore fathers, with their noble ideals didn't bother, to include these annoying pieces of property, they're not human, they have no rights, won't sacrifice their monopoly, these disgraceful men, pretend, they're bastions of equality, when in reality, their Democratic Republic was awash of hypocrisy, exclude the women, Native Americans, and the poor, shit, they were better off under the rule of King George.

Work to Death

Trifle toil trouble Hustle-bustle your muscles Last accolade death

Untitled Random

Glass is half empty, Said simply, Half is gone, I won't keep calm and chive on

Playing Games

Can't take for granted, Which was never your possession, Bye! new direction

Heavenly Beautiful

Angelic beauty, cherubic glow brightens, raise high my spirits

Express Yourself

Shatter your peaceful moment, batter your ear canal with potent - matter, about to let loose like a leaky bladder, wise words, cleverly chosen, explosion time, no need to hold-in!


Protect & Serve

To protect and serve, my vision is blurred, are we talking about the cops here, while they're harassing people over there, God damn I swear, you got the gun, but I smell the fear, and the racism in the air, as you try not to smear, because you make it plain and clear, that you don't like me or anybody black, as a matter of fact, you hate the indigenous and Hispanics too, somehow wonder why we don't trust you, get displeased when we look down at your shoes, we can't help but feel you're not worth our time, mad as hell the oppressed have had their opportunity to climb, far from over no where near the finish line, injustice entrenched in our mind, it's well known that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, to put the odds in their favor, they engineered a horrible place, to change slavery's face, it's called prison, so they can detach us, mind, body, and soul, making us inferior is the number one goal, the key is the injustice system in which they hold, what is a man to do?

They roam the streets, doing the beat, carrying the heat, new millennium version of the men in white sheets, the hill is very steep, but we shouldn't retreat, the fight needs to be taken the elite, place fire to their feet, harass your mayor and disgrace the police chief, punch apartheid in it's teeth, personally, I'm tired of being considered a threat, my people and I deserve respect, we're sick, tired, and stressed, the frustration has it reached it's crest, a Black puppet President, we're not impressed, in these tumultuous times this is our greatest test.

Citizens should be your priority, not abuse of authority, no annihilation of the minority, to ingratiate the blood-thirst of the powers that be, battered and bruised, evidence of your assaults on the news, you don't care how your viewed, perception not skewed, it's the ugly truth, which can no longer be subdued, humility should be the path pursued.

Who knew stop and frisk, could put my life at risk, stop and seizure, unwarranted procedure, throw me against the fence, to find some evidence, perpetual obsession, maniacal oppression, the lack of introspective, white privilege-well protected, it's pass due to for new prospective.

A quarter century later, since Rodney King, they've claimed a new course, of so body cameras and unleathal force, rubber bullets and tazers, yet the results are the same, whether Anthony Baez or Eric Garner, suffocation of hope, seeking justice gets harder, after Armadou Diallo, repercussions should've followed, but the anger and resentment was bottled, honestly we should've gave them hell, for firing 50 shots at Sean Bell, not a day goes on, that we're not thinking about Trayvon, in solidarity we should stand as one, fight for Mike and justice in Ferguson.

But the question of the day, is how can we run and play, like we aren't a reaction away, 41 shots, 19 drops, of reality, quiet observations of the atrocity, without the veracity, from the corporate media mouth pieces, politicians and leaders asleep at the wheel, only generating mass appeal, when the chance losing incumbency is real, hypocrisy, I squeal, not real, is the very existence of democracy, so who do the fools serve and protect, the real convicts are these fools we elect, look at the money-interest laws they erect, I don't know what course is best, but in this game of chess, it's those select few-against the rest, stay tuned for what happens next.



Encore! Encore! The Last Word bookstore, where we explore, intellectual shores, open imaginative doors, while the metaphors, pour, on this stop in our poetic tour, I implore, you, to take the floor, and conjure, a lyrical gore, that is sure, to leave us all unpure, my duty and chore, is to lure, the experienced or amateur, to use this microphone as a cure, at the Last Word bookstore, Encore! Encore!


Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for cold stone? maybe Breyer's, give me a cup or cone, brain freeze my desire, trying to find a spot, that has Dippin Dots, honestly can't lie, might go insane for Haagen-Dazs, it's warm and the time is right, shriek across Charlotte naked for a Klondike, Cherry Garcia, Mama Mia, Ben & Jerry, Chocolately Chunks, Rocky Road, Dairy Queen blizzard for lunch, what a tasty load, of rich creamy lactose, here I stand, demand, some Butter Pecan, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Soul Search

Modest complaint, lack of restraint, opposite of saint, why my past, colored in dark paint, potential to be great, still I ain't, carrying the weight, priorities haven't been set straight, surrounded by sharks and snakes, projected course, bottom of the tank, am I tired of my current rank, flourish or flounder, fragile forward fate, it hurts to a bank, and fathom your account being blank, how low, I've allowed myself to sink, recipient of misfortune and unforeseen jinx, it stinks, I'm on the brink, yet, I remain a strong link, have to be stern like a person that doesn't drink, smoother than the fur of a mink, for I am me no matter what anyone else think.

Different I dared to be, peers who misunderstood, scared of me, witness sights which were weird to see, disregard of my own vanity, I lived it, can't forget, free spirit, who cared less about a critic, advised and warned, can't keep that course long, calmed my storm, rationality my new norm, breaking new ground, covering new turfs, changing my old habits, definitely hard work, no financial benefits, priceless soul search, growth my treasure, when I depart from this Earth.


Father forgive us, we owe Mother Nature an apology, hypocrisy, raping resources, for sake of the economy, no true democracy, climate change, can be our demise possibly, nuclear power plants, abuse of fossil fuels an atrocity, no surprising, sea levels rising, acidification of the ocean, weather extremes, normal it seems, we need to put efforts in motion, deceit and lies, to deceive and disguise is the popular notion, no more sitting around, in sorrows we drown, saving the Earth will take devotion, Deep water drilling, shale gas fracking, causes natural calamity, endless wars on terror, mass murder, suffering a collective insanity, too obsessed with vanity, are we responsible for the end of humanity, brainwashed by academic academies, limiting new ideas and fresh strategy, we need urgent moves, can't rely upon their government institutions, for solutions, bought and sold to cover up the truth about pollution, wool over eyes, sheeple won't rise, who's going to start the revolution, my conclusion, blood and ink is the required resolution.

Fathers Day

Accept this expression of affection, on this day of recognition, maintained, stood firm sustained after the erection, whether it was envisioned, or part your mission, your essence and life lessons is the greatest protection, indebted to your guidance, we pilot our own decisions, steady resolve, always ready, to assist at life's intersection, treasure your support whether you agree or disagree with our positions.

Pumice Stone

Personality is so abrasive, is there any wonder you are alone, when the discussion comes up your evasive, it makes me want to throw my God damn phone.

Your walls of resistance too high to climb, exhausted from your walls of defenses, the pursuit of you, will I lose my mind, your consistent sprint, proves to be senseless.

But damn, I am a man, lusting your shape, could I tolerate, the insanity, come close, let me caress your hips, thighs, waist, your spell, I fell, such calamity.

Amply ascertain avoid attraction, my choice is not you, time to take action.

Hmm, succulent main, Glut and greed, feed feed feed, Thank you for the stay

No purpose in life, Can be appreciated- without threat of loss.

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